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MFL Photos

Professional Photgraphy and Imagery


Why MFLPhotos?


There are many photographers offering deals, free sessions, free this, free that and 9/10 there is always a hidden catch.  I am offering a fixed deal where by you own the copyright on 10 photos of your choice for £50.  You get the images on a disc in high res jpeg format.  You can then print the images as many times as you want to and in whatever format you want to, whether it be canvas, paper or even a mug!


My studio is equipped with professional lighting, backdrops (White or Black) and all images are immediately viewable on either the iPad or MacBook Pro so you can really see what you are getting! 


Once the shoot is finished I will upload the images to a secure site where you can view them in the comfort of your own home and choose you favourites!


To find out  more please use the contact link at the top of the page


Image Design and Creation


MFL Photos can also offer designs of Wedding invitations, Christmas Cards and other products such as large Canvas prints and also montage images. The options are endless, why not let us design and create that special card or print for you. Please enquire!







Photo Shoot with a disc of 10 Photos and ownership of copyright £50
Additional Photos from the same shoot on the same disc £5
Additional touch up work or changes to images (such as colour popping, black and white, or retouch) £10 per image
Creation of Cards, invitations etc £30 then £18 per pack of 10 high quality cards with envelopes